Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Has Justice Spoke?

Not really...

After calling there twice sometimes three times a day for the last week, this morning I finally got a "Yes, there is a warrant for his arrest".  I was actually thinking about contacting my network of family and friends to start a protest outside the city court house, after watching this mornings protest in UK about raising their tuition at a college three times the original amount.  But, it must have been signed this morning sometime.

OK, strategic plan #1 is set into motion, anyone, anyone? (Psst.. I'll fill you in on the details, as soon as I do my legal research and I hear your feedback, but it was pretty quick and painless:).)

If you want something done the right way (or at all), you have to do it yourself.

JEROME BEASLEY IS IN JAIL! 10 days! Unless he pays child support for the month of NOVEMBER!  Is that worth it judge, really?  How much does it cost to set up a warrant? Is it worth playing cat and mouse, judge?  Only time will tell, or just me telling....  :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Warrant is Waiting Signature

Well this is a strange turn of events...

Judge approves warrant.  Jerome Beasley's warrant is awaiting signature. 

Also found out some interesting news... Jerome could have left in August to work, should have left in August, but would rather hang around GF with a bunch of bums, acting like teenagers do in the summer, no worries, no responsibilities, no cares in the world.  Even going back farther... he should have been gone all Summer working since he hasn't helped in the last five years, he has alot of ground to cover!

I will never understand how talent and great potential can be wasted on a mindless, selfish grown human being..?

How can people not see right through him?  My hat goes off to the judge!  Really.... almost there.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Don't Know Where To Start, I Just Know I Need To

I don't know if you are the right person to talk to, if not, can you refer me to someone that can...

To make a long story short... I am supposed to receive child and spousal support from Jerome Beasley... He has only paid partly four months out of three years, has not followed court ordered rulings, his unpaid mortgage that lead to foreclosure (my credit as well), ruined my credit and still is.....

I live on food stamps while he makes over $15,000 a month, I am about to be kicked out of our (me and our two kids) apartment while he lives the life not thinking he has to take care of his kids because judges (in GF) want to give him another chance after chance..... besides that whole athlete celebrity and favoritism thing....

He was granted by a local judge to make a payment November 1st (two days ago), because he told the judge under oath (in September) that he had NO money to make ANY payments (meanwhile being on vacation in Grand Forks this summer while he could be playing in summer leagues and making money to help with his responsibilities).  November 1st 2010 has come and gone, no payment, no effort.  I am talking about being homeless, or not homeless… with two kids.  Bills are not payed, things are getting turned off left and right.  I would not be in this situation if all of my financial aid had went through in September 2010 because of the foreclosure caused from Jerome not following a COURT ORDERED decision. I appealed it and sent my divorce decree that stated he was solely responsible, and a letter from my real estate agent stating that we had many buyers but Jerome was non responsive or did not sign any papers to help with the selling of the home, while not making any mortgage payments, causing my aid to be declined.  

BTW, he has NO bills besides a phone bill.  His living arrangements are free overseas (at work), free car, free places to live everywhere... I mean why not right?  Everyone loves Jerome, can I be your friend? I'll let you stay at my house, if I can hang out with you. (:))

I told Jerome that we really need him to help, he was more concerned about paying his friends money back he owed them then helping us with our miniscule bills to stay housed.

The judge is going to review the case Nov 3rd (today); I already know that the judge will give him another chance.  The judge was more concerned about a man (I was there during his court appearance) behind by one month ($400 behind) then he was about my case (which now is owed to me and our kids over $90,000 + divorce settlement)!!!!

Does including names and spreading the word help change the world?

There is so much more…. 

How Can This BE???!!!